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Georgia Demas is...

a +8 years product designer specialized in design systems, from Brazil - currently in Lisbon -

UX mentor and watercolor artist.

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Georgia Demas image

Currently I work
in Gympass, where I do the governance of Yoga, our 4 years old design system 

Designing components and determining rules is super exciting, but more important than that  I have the conviction that design systems came to change how we think about product design. It's all about how little well thought parts can build something really great.

Yoga Art
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Previously I had lead two design teams and
I have built 2 design systems from scratch

Product Designer Mentor
2021 (Present)

Mentorship for +150 product designer students

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Senior Design System Ops
2020 (Present)

Mentorship for +150 product designer students

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Product Designer Lead

Mobile experience responsable, Design System chapter

Design System Ops Lead
2017 - 20218

Design System  coordination and products revamp

Digital Designer
2016 - 2017

UI/UX Design, Branding, Print, Graphics


Product Designer Freelancer
2011 (Present)

Interface projects for companies or individual clients

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My newest product designer cases

This might be confidential, so please, message me if you want to access it
(or use the password if you have it)


🎯 Gympass Wellness

📝 Students enrolment

🚧 Concrete design system

Lets talk!

📩 Please, email me

🇵🇹 +351 I'm currently in Lisbon

Get inspired by my personal cases

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02 Friends Zoo: An optimised solution for zoos in France

My mentorships and courses

I started giving mentorships and courses through my @mentoriaux initiative


+150 students today

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Where they are today


Want to know more about my courses?

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